Ray and his team did a great job. Really easy to work with throughout the process, very knowledgeable and got the project done on time.
Rob Donaldson
Timely delivery and quality job
Abdul Mayaleeke
sales man was very hard to get ahold of floors as it turns out are very hard to keep clean floor shows everything I feel that salesman should have known that and should have steered into another direction the only positive I took away was the install crew they were very professional
Lorraine Poisson
Follow up with customers without long delays
Richard Goulden
Work was done quickly, but also beautifully..
Joe Contreras
Initial contact, speed of delivery and installation.
Gary Rego & Joe Bernardo
Flooring and installation was excellent. Will rehire for additional rooms
Roger & Pauline Boisseau
My initial meeting with Ray was on March 25, my floors are done and look FABULOUS,
Cheryl Felber
Unfortunately, there was a layer of yellow dust on EVERYTHING, including the walls! It took me 3 days to clean. Extremely frustrating to come back from vacation to such a mess. Also, I had requested that the board at the top of the stairs be done and it wasn't. The rest of the floors look beautiful.
Ray & Geralyn Rose
Roseann Rodi